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Originals and unique games. Reliable and fair methods to designate winners. Statistics on all your operations… with Timelime simplify the creation and management of your contest games on social media posts !

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What is Timelime ?

Timelime is a platform that allows you to ?

Access to originals and unique games

Choose among the 28 games proposed, the one that best suits your campaign :
Random draw, Instant win, Quiz, Prediction, etc.

Create your games in a few seconds

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can create and set up your games in a few clicks.

Simplify the management of your games

All your operations from all your social media are centralized in the same interface ! And you can easily collaborate with several people on the same account.

Designate the winners in a reliable and fair way

No more hand picking winners with your excel file ! Timelime offers you fast, reliable, fair and customizable methods to designate the winners of your contest games.

Analyze and follow your campaign statistics

Follow in real time the results of your games. Quantify their impact on your communities and easily identify your ambassadors.

Control your cost by only paying for what you actually use

With Timelime, you only pay for your game when you deploy it. There is no subscription or commitment.

How does it work ?

Example of an Instagram Instant Win game

1- Creation of the post

Create your post on Instagram and go to Timelime. Select your game then your post. You will only have to set up the game in a few clicks !

2- Game settings

You can set up the start and end date of the comment tracking. There are several ways to participate : one time, daily or unlimited.

Then it will be necessary to add the prizes by defining the hours and days of winning.

3- Participation and automatic replies

The participant leaves a comment on your publication to participate. If he comments and there is a prize to win at this moment, an automatic message will be sent to inform him about his winning. The automatic reply to be sent to the winner is editable and will name the prize won by identifying the winner. 

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Exemple d’un Instant Gagnant Instagram

Why use Timelime ?

The Advent Calendar was a real success thanks to the expertise of So-Buzz. We have been able to convince more than 170 stores to participate to the activation and acquire results beyond our expectations.

Numa Le GallIn charge of social media and influence missions - Intersport France

We use Timelime for our clients since more than 1 year and the result is irrevocably : a clear increase of followers and the engagement, for an investment quite correct. Note also that : the platform is very simple to use and the ASS is on top.

Marie VignaudProject manager - Exotic Gardens

With Timelime we were able to put in place and manage easily our Christmas contest game in order to boost our notoriety. The platform is easy to use and offers real time saving. The results were beyond our expectations.

Aurélie JeromeWebmarketing assistant - Piscines Ibiza

In only 8 months, our Instagram account went from 13 749 to 27 170 followers being 97,61% of followers in addition.

Cathy FernezMarketing Manager - Pika Edition

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