What is Timelime ?

The SAAS platform Timelime allows you  to launch and manage easily your contest games on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. Select the game of your choice among the 28 available, set up your game in a few seconds and follow the results of your campaigns ! To test the platform, register now. 

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Why use Timelime ?

Measure your actions and reach your goals with Timelime’s 5 key points ! 

Boost the engagement on your posts

The games proposed on Timelime use comments or reactions from participants, which allow to boost the engagement of your posts that contain contest games.

Grow your communities on your social media accounts

By launching various contest games with Timelime, you will be able to  increase your digital communities in the short, medium and long term as Pika edition has done.

Increase the organic reach of your future posts

The strong engagement created on your posts thanks to the Timelime’s contests games allows you to increase the organic reach of your future posts on Facebook and Instagram thanks to the algorithm of these social media.

Develop your fan's loyalty

By proposing contests games on your posts : develop your brand preference among your fans, and build their loyalty with customized prizes. Identify your super fans thanks to Timelime and turn them into ambassadors.

Increase the visibility of your pages

Setting up contest games on your posts develops the engagement of the posts welcoming the games which allows at the end to increase the visibility of the page and of the other posts on it.

An interface to centralize all your campaigns

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